History of Limmud International

History of Limmud International:

Limmud is the Hebrew word for learning. It is an approach to cross-communal Jewish education that started in the UK in 1980 and is now being enjoyed by communities throughout the world.

In the UK the original and largest event has become a five-day residential Conference, a festival of learning held on a university campus and attended by close to 2,500 people – which the Jewish Chronicle called the “jewel in the crown of Anglo-Jewry”. This event attracts some 350 presenters annually, between them presenting over 900 sessions on every conceivable topic of Jewish interest.

It has been noted that “every community should have a Limmud” and around the world new Limmuds are adopting their own interpretation each year.

Limmud aims to enable each participant to go one step further on their own Jewish journey. Everyone is a student and everyone can be a teacher. Events feature all educational styles including lectures, workshops, text-study sessions, film, meditation, discussions, exhibits and performances to ensure that there is always ‘something for everyone’. Indeed, the content of a typical Limmud event is as diverse as its participants.

Limmud around the world now extends to residential events of different formats, day Limmuds, evening activities, podcasts and educational materials, such as the weekly email Taste of Limmud , the internationally renowned Chavruta programme and the Limmud Shabbat Book .

One of the key principles behind Limmud is that we all have something to contribute and can learn from each other. Events are organised by teams almost exclusively made up of volunteers, we treat presenters as part of the community and are rewarded by the opportunity to learn from others and not with honoraria or payments.

As much as Limmuds around the world are connected, they also reflect their own communities. Hence Limoud, Limmoed, Limud, and Yom Ijun. They’re joined together by shared principles, and this is reflected in the use of the Limmud International logo.

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