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Call for Presenters – Limmud Chicago 2012 Conference

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What is Limmud?Limmud, the Hebrew word for “learning,” is a volunteer run celebration and festival of Jewish thought, arts, culture, life, learning and teaching. Participants come from a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds, affiliations, denominations, circumstances and orientations. The Limmud model is built on the premise that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to share. What’s more, Limmud is a multi-generational, multi-denominational, diverse and inclusive event, welcoming all types of Jews and creating a community of learners.

What does it mean to be a Limmud presenter?

A Limmud presenter is both a teacher and participant. As a presenter, you will offer a 60 minute interactive session on a topic of Jewish interest—cultural, religious, geographic, or political. Any topic that has a Jewish connection is fair game: pop culture, literature, music, film, history. Limmud Chicago 2012 features two specialized tracks: Diversity and Sustainability. The Diversity track addresses all the ways that Jews are diverse including observance, appearance, economics, geography, race, and ethnicity. The Sustainability track asks the question: Where in Jewish life can you plug in to Sustainability? Sessions in the Sustainability track could include the following topics: “What the Torah says about food waste” “Jewish Urban Gardening” “What does it meant to be Eco-Kosher?” and more. Before and after your session, you participate in sessions throughout the day as a member of the Limmud learning community.

How do I submit a proposal?

Go to the FAQs page and follow the directions available.  All presenters must also be registered as conference participants. Conference registration will open in November. Watch the website, facebook, and twitter for details.

Questions? Email the Program Team at

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Taste of Limmud Chicago at the Theatre Series: The Last Act of Lilka Kadison

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Limmud Chicago invites you to the Theatre!  Join Limmud Chicago for the next production in our Taste of Limmud at the Theatre Series:

Chicago Limmudniks will have access to specially priced tickets to see The Last Act of Lilka Kadison at Lookingglass Theatre on Sunday August 21 at 3pm, followed by a “Limmud-y” learning-based post-show conversation.  This is the last day of the extended run & your last chance to see the show!

About this acclaimed new production:  At age seventeen, Lilka Kadison flees Poland on the eve of World War II.  Seventy years later in America, she’s spending her afternoon hassling her son, wrestling her caregiver, and arguing with a ghost who keeps rearranging her furniture…and her memories.  Join Lookingglass on this journey about the power of story, humor, and grace in the face of oblivion.

Click here to read a review of this play by David Chack, theater critic and historian, and long-time Limmud supporter.

We hope you will join David Bier who has ten years’ experience working with Holocaust survivors, and Andrew White, Lookingglass’ Artistic Director, for a post-show conversation about “Survival, Memories, and Storytelling.”

Use the code LIMMUD when you buy your tickets on-line for the performance on Sunday, August 21 at 3pm for a significant reduction on your ticket price!

We are looking forward to another production in our Taste of Limmud at the Theatre Series at Piven Theatre in November when Chicago Limmudnikim will have the opportunity see Cities of Light and experience the stories of the European Jewish cabaret,  with writer and  performer Rebecca Joy Fletcher.

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Planning Underway for Limmud Chicago 2012

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CHICAGO, IL May 8, 2011



Anita Silvert

Shoshana Waskow



Looking for Volunticipants!


The 2nd annual Limmud Chicago Conference was held several weeks ago, and planning is already underway for next year’s conference, to be held on February 19, 2012.  The day-long celebration of cross-communal, pan-denominational, multi-generational Jewish learning and culture is one of 50 such conferences on five continents reaching more than 35,000 Jews each year.

Limmud is run by Volunticipants – people who both volunteer and participate in the creation of engaging opportunities to experience and celebrate Jewish learning and culture.   The 2012 conference chairs, Anita Silvert and Shoshana Waskow, are looking forward to the challenge of topping this year’s conference, which was attended by more than 300 people ranging from 8-80 years old.  While most attendees were from the Chicago area, people from as far away as St. Louis, Detroit and New York came to see what Limmud Chicago had to offer.  The conference featured more than 80 sessions covering a wide range of topics like Jewish Text and Thought, Judaism and the Environment, Spiritual Writing, Jewish Cartoons, Intermarriage, Maimonides, Dancing, Art, Prayer, Meditation, The History of Israel Through Song,  and Jewish Tricksters.

Participants were impressed with both the variety of topics covered and the expertise of those leading the sessions.  One participant noted “I expected to go to a few classes, see some films and hear some speakers. I was not prepared for how wonderful the presentations would be.”  Another commented, “I found myself even more energized as the day progressed. Session variety was fantastic.”

Limmud (the Hebrew word for “learning”) began in the UK in 1980.  Based on the principal that we all have something to contribute and we all can learn from each other, the day is filled with lectures, discussion groups, workshops, films, exhibits and performances on a variety of Jewish topics.  Wherever you are on your Jewish journey, Limmud will take you one step further!

More information, including opportunities to volunticipate, can be found at

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