Limmud Chicago Conference

February 19, 2012

8am – 9pm

University of Illinois at Chicago

Student Center East

Registration is open! Get details on the FAQs for participants page.

See our list of sessions and presenters.


Here’s what Limmudnikim have to say about Limmud Chicago Conference:

“A wonderful time, to meet interesting people, to be welcomed, to be engaged, and to learn something new.”

“Inter-denominational learning in a respectful and thoughtful setting.”

“I found myself even more energized as the day progressed. Session variety was fantastic.”

“A chance to learn, to teach, to meet others.”

“I was not prepared for how wonderful the presentations would be. They were all great!!”

“People get out of it what they put into it. So, if folks are open and receptive to all the wonderful programming, they will be delighted!”

Join us on February 19th for more of the same!