FAQs for Presenters

THE DEADLINE FOR SESSION PROPOSALS FOR LIMMUD CHICAGO 2012 HAS PASSED.  If you submitted a session proposal, you will be notified whether your proposal has been accepted by the end of December.

Q: How do I propose my session?

A: After reading the following information, you can click the button below to propose your session. For details, please download our step-by-step Instructions on Becoming a Presenter and Proposing a Session.  If your session is accepted, you must be registered for the conference before we can schedule your session.

Q: How does the conference work?

A: Multiple sessions are offered simultaneously throughout the day. Presenters are also participants and need to register for the conference.  Participants, of which you are one when you are not actively presenting, are given a program guide (available on-line before conference and in hard-copy on arrival) and can explore available sessions. We encourage presenters to engage the participants through an interactive approach and to include time for Q & A. Browse the programs from Limmud Chicago 2011 and Limmud Chicago 2010 to get a sense of what has been done before. You might also check out what other Limmudim are offering.  Before and after your session, you participate in sessions throughout the day as a member of the Limmud learning community.

Q: I am in high school. Can I present a session?

A: Yes! Teens who wish to present should contact the Program Team directly.  In order to present, teens will need to provide a written letter of recommendation from an adult leader in their community.

Q: What topics can I cover?

A: The choice is yours. Any topic that has a Jewish connection is fair game: pop culture, literature, music, film, history. We encourage presenters to think outside the box, and to talk not only about their areas of specialty but also their areas of passion, including topics that may be offbeat or controversial.

Limmud Chicago 2012 features two specialized tracks: Diversity and Sustainability.

  • The Diversity track addresses all the ways that Jews are diverse including observance, appearance, economics, geography, race, and ethnicity.
  • The Sustainability track asks the question: Where in Jewish life can you plug in to Sustainability? Sessions in the Sustainability track could include the following topics: “What the Torah says about food waste” “Jewish Urban Gardening” “What does it meant to be Eco-Kosher?” and more.

Frequent topics areas include: Jewish text & thought, kids’ programming, arts & culture, body & spirit, contemporary Jewish life, Jewish & Israeli history, philosophy, ritual/prayer, holidays and social action/social justice.   We also request that you familiarize yourself with our Limmud values found on our website.

Q: How many sessions can I lead?

A: Most of our local presenters lead only one session. We encourage you to submit more than one topic in case we have several people who wish to speak on the same subject. Presenters from out of town (and some locals) may lead a couple sessions. It is possible that your session may not be approved for inclusion in this year’s conference due to our efforts to maintain diversity and balance in our topics, presenters, and the timing of our sessions. We will let you know which of your sessions have been chosen by the beginning of January.

Q: Do I need to clear my topics with you?

A: You need to provide a topic title and brief description as part of your presenter submission process. Also, we need to know whether you will require any special audiovisual equipment or room arrangements. We ask that you consider the diversity of the audience, which includes Jews across the religious, political, ethnic and educational spectrum. Limmud Chicago attracts participants of all ages. Let us know if your session is particularly appropriate for teens, families or young adults.

Q: What other information do I need to provide?

A: We will need a biography as part of the submission process. We will contact you later for links to your web activities, books and articles.

Q: Can I choose when I present?

A: Sorry, no. We try very hard to maintain diversity and balance in our topics, presenters and the timing of our sessions, so we cannot guarantee a time slot to anyone in advance. Once the schedule is finalized, we will let you know when you will present your session.

Q: Does Limmud Chicago own my presentation or otherwise profit from my appearance?

A: No. Limmud Chicago is a nonprofit organization. We do not record the material for sale or promotion. We may ask you for permission to include your presentation on our website or as a podcast for educational purposes. Limmud Chicago may use your name to attract participants to the conference.

Q: Will I receive an honorarium for presenting at the Limmud Chicago Conference?

A: No. Limmud Chicago, like other Limmud conferences worldwide, is volunteer-run and volunteer-driven. Our presenters are volunteers and are not paid for their time.

Q: Is there an opportunity for me to inform participants about my upcoming engagements or books that I have written? 

A: Yes, your bio will be included in our program guide and throughout the year on our website that can include information about your website, books, information or other material you provide. We reserve the right to edit this for style and space reasons.

Q: OK – now, how do I propose my session?

A: NOW you can click the button below to propose your session. For details, please download our step-by-step Instructions on Becoming a Presenter and Proposing a Session.  If your session is accepted, you must be registered for the conference before we can schedule your session.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?

A: If you have questions about presenting, email our Program Team.